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    Purchase side locks to note

    2015-9-2 10:23:11    from:admin    click count:9280
    Consumers should be considered before buying locks in the following areas:
    1, and the importance of the place being used. That is, considering the use of the street door, hall door, the room, bathroom or channel, in order to select products suitable for the intended function.
    2, the use of the environment, conditions and requirements. You should consider the merits of using state of the environment, such as dry structure humidity, door thickness, door left or right to open the door, open the door or outside the door, to prevent buy the wrong products.
    3, consider the coordination with the decoration environment. According to their preferences, purchase products should consider coordinating and supporting their room should be consistent.
    4, consider the situation of family members to consider whether there are home the elderly, children or people with disabilities, choose convenient for him (her) to use.
    5, consider the affordability of combining family economic status, economic abundance may buy high-end products, the unsatisfactory economic selectable low-grade products, but pay attention to the choice of high-end or low-end products, have to consider whether the company's strength strong, quality is stable, it is recommended to select a considerable reputation enterprise products, to avoid losing money on daily life and to bring unnecessary trouble and distress.
    6, consider the dealer's reputation and service standards to prevent some dealers from their own interests, recommend some fake and shoddy goods to consumers.

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